What is Game Thinking?

Renowned Game Designer, Author Amy Jo founded Game Thinking Academy to 10x product & experience design. Game Thinking is an integrated system for accelerating innovation and driving sustained engagement. Thousands of entrepreneurs have leveraged Game Thinking to innovate faster and smarter and build products people love and come back to. Game Thinking helps companies to innovate in design new and unique experience either employee or customer.


5 Steps to Product/ Market Fit

Step 1: Hypothesis
Run smarter experiments by clarifying your product idea and identifying your high-risk assumptions.

Step 2: Empathize
Find hot-core early customers who are passionate about your product idea and can help you test your assumptions.

Step 3: Design
Map out a path to mastery and learning architecture that takes your customers from beginner to expert.

Step 4: Playtest
Prototype your ideas using Superfans insights, then run high-learning playtests to validate your assumptions.

Step 5: Reflect
Summarize what you learned, how you learned it, and what you plan to do next based on your data.

Gamification Business Cases

Banking on social interactions for a successful digital journey

People Psyence co-facilitated an internal project team with a HR lead across only five (5) half-days on how the objectives can be achieved via a gamification approach.

To supplement their initiative in the customer experience, AmBank sought to explore similar ways of improving internal processes. One of the first ideas was to increase communication within the Group HR department. People PsyenceĀ® undertook a project to the upcoming HR Townhall and saw a qualitative increase in participation and engagement.


The Results

  • 102 users
  • Over 90% participation rate across the first 3 days
  • Close to 70% completion rate on the day of the Townhall
  • 80-100% completion rates for 13 out of 21 challenges

With a gamification platform acting as an intermediary between the participants and HR leaders, the Townhall saw more questions than average being asked, and there were also discussions around topics such as staff benefits and salaries.

Download the full business case here



Gamification built with Design Thinking: A corporate values campaign in financial services

People Psyence developed a two-phased integrated approach to address KWAP’s objectives with a long-term, sustainable view.

People embarked on a project to KWAP’s values across the entire involving 2 countries. This resulted in Malaysia’s first -wide gamification of a in financial services. The project yielded a 99% active participation rate and over 74% of the workforce reporting that they understood the values better.

Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Diperbadankan (KWAP) is a body responsible for assisting the Federal Government in financing its pension liability.

In 2015, its Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) was updated and refined. This was followed by a series of team building activities and on-ground campaigns in efforts to create awareness and understanding of the VMV.

A 3-year strategic blueprint formulated in 2018 highlighted the need to develop clear guidelines for how the VMV is reflected in the workforce With this, KWAP sought to systematically the VMV in a company-wide initiative. The brief required the project to fulfill two main criteria:

(1) can be established and progress tracked long-term

(2) – approach in the execution of this project

(3) KWAP employees in the process, not just as participants

Download the full business case here


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