Be A Psyentist®

Chances are that you sought us out because you are looking for objective solutions to your people issues. Are you embarking on a succession planning exercise? Do you have talent you would like to propel to greater heights? Too many potential hires to pick from? Or could it be that you’re fitting square pegs into round holes?

At People Psyence®, we have a range of assessments and tools that can be customised into solutions unique to your needs.

To enjoy yourself here at People Psyence®, you have to love people, or at least be fascinated by them because that is what our business is about – PEOPLE. You will get the opportunity to build a career around interacting with people within and outside the organisation across all levels and industries, and connecting with them in a way that is beyond what most other roles can offer. We encourage a culture that is open and inclusive, where you are empowered to be creative and independent while actively engaging your clients, your leaders, and each other.

We are continuously seeking like-minded individuals to join our team of Psyentists®. Apply to one of our job openings below. If you cannot find one that fits, and would still love to join us, please write in anyway.

Be warned! Our passion is highly infectious and addictive. You may never leave!

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