What is Eunoia?

Everyone knows a great story of a person.

Well for us, we have heard many, and that has inspired us to curate something out of it. Serving beyond just corporate clients, Eunoia provides corporate organisations to private individuals of all ages the access to an optimum quality of life.


Is it you-know-ya? Yoooo, no ya?

Pronounced as you-NOY-ya, we may be 100% Malaysian but the word eunoia originated from the Ancient Greek and carries the meaning of a well mind and beautiful thinking, and a very rarely used medical term for a normal mental health state.

We understand that everyone sees the world differently and that is how unique every being is.

A human capital consultancy firm venturing into the world of psychological services may raise a few eyebrows, but to us we smile, and we imprint “Why not?” on our faces.

Here at Eunoia, we like to see ourselves as dreamers. No dream is too big or too insignificant. Our dream is to ensure everyone has the access to a quality emotional health care.

What’s Eunoia like?

We make the bad days good, and the good days even better.

Imagine taking an easy breezy walk in the park – you breathe in clean and fresh air, you feel the warmth of the sunshine and you leave with a rejuvenated and clearer mind. How relaxing is that?

That’s the similar experience one will have in Eunoia! We believe seeking therapy/counselling should be as easy and as common as making a trip to a shopping mall (it’s called retail therapy for a reason) or getting a massage when you need to relax and unwind.


• High absenteeism
• High medical/sick leave claims
• Staff turnover
• Low productivity
• Conflict at work
• Ineffective decision-making
• Work stress/burn out
• Arriving late at work
• Loss of motivation
• Poor Emotion Management

• Ineffective decision-making
• Work stress/burn out
• Arriving late at work
• Changes in eating habits
• Sleep problems
• Mood changes
• Increased anxiety
• Constantly feeling depressed or pessimistic
• Poor memory
• Loss of motivation
• Increased use of medication, alcohol or nicotine

How Eunoia Works

Want to show your employees that you care about them beyond their work performance and KPIs? While a cup of coffee & conversation may do the trick, why not go that extra mile by providing your employees psychological wellbeing benefits?

Too often organisations look after their employees’ physical health and provide gym memberships, healthy lunches and medical benefits. What is often forgotten is that a healthy individual starts with a healthy mind.

A healthy emotional wellbeing could lead to many wonderful things – harmonious relationships with your loved one and colleagues, a fulfilment in work, a happier mindset and a broader perspective of the world.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

EAP is designed to help organisations provide greater benefits and assistance to their employees by promoting the well-being of employees and helping them deal with challenges that can have a negative impact on their job performance.

Through consultation and guidance to support the successes at home and at work, EAP is a valuable channel that can help identify and resolve many workplace, mental health and personal-related concerns. Not only does EAP improve workplace morale and productivity, it would make your company an employer of choice. This would go a long way to create employees that are happy, emotionally healthy and loyal that could be willing to go the extra mile for the organisation. So employee happiness is beyond just responding to a yearly employee engagement survey while it can truly be reflected when they are really happy at work.

Eunoia understands that no two organisations are the same, thus we develop customised plans (our level of customisation is exceptional). We focus on integrating our services with your organisation’s existing goals and initiatives to maximise results and boost utilisation.

Our EAP supports the following concerns

The benefits of having the EAP in your organisation

We Provide

• Individual therapy
• Couples Therapy
• Child Therapy
• Workshops & Training

All services by Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) are highly confidential and no information shared will be provided to the employer or any one from the organisation. Under no circumstances will EAP records become part of an employee’s personnel file.

Confidentiality is everything to us. We like to keep our hearts open and our mouths sealed.

Trainings And Workshops

Our team of psychologists, corporate trainers, educators and advocates conduct trainings and workshops with the aim to educate and provide insights & information to the community to raise awareness towards mental health issues, as well as to promote personal psychological wellbeing.

We have a range of topics catered dedicatedly to all individuals and tailor-made to suit organisation’s needs.

Creating An Ecosystem

We have been lucky to work with some amazing corporate clients and we strive to continue doing so. If your organisation values compassion, empathy, kindness and change, then join us on making a difference in those who truly needs it.

Your every little help is one step closer to an individual fulfilling their potential and increasing their quality of life. Whether it is sponsoring an underprivileged family or a child therapy and psychological screening sessions or embracing people with special needs in the workforce by creating job opportunities for them, or you have any bigger dreams you’d like to achieve and don’t know where to start, let Eunoia be your buddy in this process.