Competency-Based Assessments

What is VirtualAC?

  • Simulates an online desktop environment, where Participants are presented with a variety of information and business issues
  • Enables you to administer and assess highly immersive and interactive business simulation exercises and ‘Day in the Life’ Virtual Assessment Centres
  • Powerful behavioral assessment for selecting and developing your leaders, high potential talent and front line staff

Exercise Formats in VirtualAC

  • Virtual ‘Day in the Life’ Exercises  Exercises which contain multiple interlinked activities within a single scenario, such as responding to emails, writing reports and dealing with phone calls.
  • Virtual Inbox Exercises  Exercises in which the participant is presented with several emails containing different issues, varying in terms of importance and complexity, which must be prioritized and actioned.
  • Virtual Analysis Exercises  Exercises requiring the participant to analyze verbal and numerical information about a work situation and produce a report with their conclusions and recommendations.


The Participant Experience

            • Simple structured tutorial
            • View emails, video messages and voice messages
            • Reply, forward and create new emails
            • View and create documents and spreadsheets
            • Create and edit calendar events
            • Receive ‘fly-in’ emails during exercise
            • Calendar reminders for impending events
            • Timed upload of participant reports
            • Participant activity saved continually

 Why Use VirtualAC?

            • Saves you time and money – administer and mark exercises quickly and easily in any location where an internet connection is available, giving you a fast process with global consistency.
            • Helps you make high quality decisions – present realistic working challenges, requiring participants to demonstrate key behaviors in action which are important for success in the job.
            • Gives you choice – deliver different types of exercise through the highly flexible system.
            • Promotes your employer brand – provides an engaging and immersive assessment experience for the participant, presenting a positive image of your employer brand.