Language Proficiency Tests

Language ability assessments serve as a baseline measurement of an individual’s language proficiency and performance. These assessments are particularly useful screening tool in hiring individuals who are required to understand and use the specific languages.

The standardised language ability assessments are designed to measure the ability of individual to comprehend and communicate in the specific languages. It enables recruiters or employers to gauge the individual’s language competency such as use of vocabulary, command of grammar; and predict performance at work.

Across different job roles, it is important that individuals possess proficient language ability to engage in conversation, understand written or spoken information and present themselves in writing or orally to convey their messages effectively. Therefore, assessing language ability  has been a growing demand and regarded as critical component in employee selection and development programmes. Besides, the results of language ability assessments allow quantitative feedback to individuals to seek continuous development in increasing their language proficiency.

Workplace English Tests

The Saville Consulting Workplace English Tests assess an individual’s comprehension and use of English at the workplace.

These online tests are a helpful screening tool during the recruitment of individuals who are required to have a certain proficiency level of English language. With simple output reports suitable for use by line managers and recruiters, no certification training is required to administer the tests.


Applicable to a wide range of roles such as call centre personnel, hospitality staff and medical personnel, administrators and sales assistants, different tests are available for five different
industry sectors.

  • Customer Service
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Operations

Each version includes 33 items: 24 industry-specific and nine general workplace items.

Completion Time: Approximately 20 minutes

Assessment Report:

The report presents the test score as a percentage of the total number of correct answers. Additionally, the report indicates the candidate’s speed of test completion.

Download a sample report: