TPAQ™ & MindmetriQ™

TPAQ™ Personality Questionnaire

TPAQ™ Personality Questionnaire is an assessment that measures key personality traits and behavioural dispositions, with potential predictive power. Leverages the industry-leading technology, Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT), this 20-minute (untimed) questionnaire is able to measure more personality traits in less time, with a greater reliability. It enables employers to make sound recruitment decisions,  and helps structuring coaching or personal development discussions.

  • 180 items that measure 45 distinct personality traits and 9 global factors which cover emotional intelligence, resilience, integrity, industriousness, and the Big five personality traits (namely, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, emotional stability)
  • CAT protocol enables measurement of broader range of personality traits than traditional questionnaires, while reducing administration times
  • Predicts the individual’s potential across 15 competencies which could be mapped to client’s competency model or role requirements
  • Compatible with all devices including PC, Mac, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile
  • Global norm groups are available
  • Can be used for recruitment, personal development, coaching and talent analytics

MindmetriQ™ Gamified Assessments

MindmetriQ™ series is a suite of valid, reliable and fair gamified aptitude assessments combines cutting-edge technology with market-leading science designed to assess general cognitive ability (defined by Spearman as “g”), a component which has shown to be the single best predictor of job performance. It is the first fully computer adaptive suite of game-based ability tests, with each test ranges from 3 to 7 minutes. On top of demonstrating superior psychometric properties (reliability and validity) when compared to a battery of traditional aptitude tests​, MindmetriQ™ offers engaging candidate experience and improved employer branding.