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15 Mar, 2021

Are You Ready For The Next Recruitment Cycle?

Have you ever faced a dilemma of which candidate to pick among equally qualified ones? Have you ever hired someone who turned out differently from what is written in the resume? Is there a culture mismatch between your new recruit and your organisation?

Hiring the wrong candidate may cause decreased productivity and other negative financial consequences.
While organisations may not be able to eliminate this evergreen problem, the enhancement of recruitment processes can certainly help to alleviate the situation. Besides having an efficient recruitment operations system, the organisation can leverage on structured and objective assessments to obtain additional insights on the candidate, apart from information obtained from candidate’s resume and interviews.

While some organisations may fear that the costs of assessment would further increase hiring costs, many attest to achieving advantages and benefits in the long-term.

What can be assessed? Advantages and benefits of using assessments
• Cognitive ability • Puts all candidates on the same playing field
• Workplace behaviors and inclinations • Adds validity to the recruitment process
• Competency potential • Helps reduce the costs of repeated hiring
• Emotional intelligence • Allows the right candidates to be put into the right position
• Values • Fulfil the expectations of stakeholders
• Reduces the chances of culture mismatch

Wait no longer, find out more on how assessments can enhance and strengthen your recruitment process. Speak to us today!

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