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People Psyence® embarked on a project to socialise KWAP’s values across the entire organisation involving 2 countries. This resulted in Malaysia’s first organisation-wide gamification of a corporate values programme in financial services.

The Goal

Kumpulan Wang Persaraan Diperbadankan (KWAP) is a body responsible for assisting the Federal Government in financing its pension liability.
In 2015, its Vision, Mission and Values (VMV) was updated and refined. This was followed by a series of team building activities and on-ground campaigns in efforts to create awareness and understanding of the VMV.

A 3-year strategic blueprint formulated in 2018 highlighted the need to develop clear guidelines for how the VMV is reflected in the workforce behaviourally. With this, KWAP sought to systematically socialise the VMV in a company-wide initiative. The brief required the project to fulfill two main criteria:

(1) quantifiability, so that internal benchmarks can be established and progress tracked long-term.
(2) to take a human-centric approach in the execution of this project.
(3) active involvement of KWAP employees in the process, not just as participants.

The Tools

People Psyence® developed a two-phased integrated approach to address KWAP’s objectives with a long-term, sustainable view.

Phase 1: Design Thinking

We facilitated a series of workshops for 179 selected KWAP participants across several departments and 2 locations. Using the Design Thinking method, they were guided to ideate on socialising the 7 values, followed by a prototyping session. The resulting prototypes were put through a feedback and iteration stage, and finally gamified for the platform.

Phase 2: Gamification

The gamified content was built to get KWAP employees to actively engage with the VMV via the Gametize platform. We went one step further and requested additional employee demographics data to analyse for interesting findings which can be used to develop targeted interventions.

The Results

Our Values

Quantifying outcomes. This is the first time KWAP was able to measure the effectiveness of socialising their values programme, enabling the organisation to continue identifying gaps and areas of improvement, as well as managing performance from a values perspective.

Targeted intervention. Project outcomes segmented by data such as age group and departments give insights to KWAP to understand issues experienced by specific groups – a more efficient and elegant solution compared to a blanket approach.

In-depth understanding. We mapped the KWAP values against the Octalysis framework – a human-centered gamification design framework, which is a popular approach known for user engagement. This exercise added a layer that takes into account human motivation in carrying out the gamified activities. From the Octalysis chart, KWAP better understands what drives their staff and can continue to promote their values programme in a more targeted manner.

Client Quote

With ‘Let’s Ace It Project’ [KWAP’s 3-year strategic [blueprint], we knew that we needed a systematic process for rolling out the updated VMV. And at the same time, begin benchmarking our expectations on the values and behaviours. KWAP has always embodied a ‘people first’ approach, so we wanted our staff members to be as involved as possible. People Psyence® ticked all our checkboxes. With the Design Thinking workshops and gamified challenges, everyone experienced the values programme from start to finish. This project also resulted in very useful insights for us, so we can continue to embark on high-impact initiatives.

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