21 Feb, 2024

Competency Modelling

A competency model is the compilation of a set of competencies to form a framework whichascertains the behaviours, skills, experience and knowledge required for one to performsuccessfully within a defined work setting. In other words, a competency model helps todefine the expectations for success for each role or function within the organisation.

While there is no standard set of competencies for any given role, function or job level; acompetency model can typically comprise of the following:

I. Core competenciesConsisting of competencies that are the foundation applied across the board for allemployees within an organisation, these competencies guide individuals to work insupporting the organisation’s goals, mission and vision through competencies suchas teamwork, problem solving or result orientation.

II. Functional competenciesBased on the technical requirements of a role, functional competencies are designedto guide the defined tasks for each level of responsibility and seniority of anoccupational role. These refer to the individual’s competence in terms of performingtasks such as operating machinery/equipment, performing accounting entries orusing computer programming language.


14 Nov, 2022

MoU between People Psyence®️ with Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

Fast-growing human capital consultancy, People Psyence®️, signed an MoU with the Sarawak Digital .

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20 Jun, 2022

Digi’s altHR and People Psyence®’s OZ team up to offer HR solutions to Malaysian businesses

People Psyence® has announced their collaboration with Digi-X, the innovation arm of Digi Telecommu.

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