21 May, 2024

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a systematic approach to identifying and developing future leadersfor the organisation. The aim of succession planning is to create a ready talent pool, with thebest suited talents to succeed mission critical positions within the organisation.

Besides advocating the use of valid and reliable assessment tools that help identify thestrengths and development needs for individuals to be included in the talent pool, PeoplePsyence® helps organisations build success profiles of critical positions, which areinstrumental in driving the continuous success of the organisation. These success profilescontain the key requirements that are critical for the individual to succeed in the targetedposition, complimenting the basic requirements and attributes outlined in the original jobdescriptions.

The results from a suite of assessments (e.g., behavioural assessment, aptitude test, mentaltoughness as well as competency assessments) can be used to create further insights suchas talent nine-box grids, successor readiness analysis as well as talent report cards.


14 Nov, 2022

MoU between People Psyence®️ with Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

Fast-growing human capital consultancy, People Psyence®️, signed an MoU with the Sarawak Digital .

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20 Jun, 2022

Digi’s altHR and People Psyence®’s OZ team up to offer HR solutions to Malaysian businesses

People Psyence® has announced their collaboration with Digi-X, the innovation arm of Digi Telecommu.

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