14 Jun, 2024

Talent Management & High Potential

Talent management is the entire spectrum of HR processes, aimed at creating an engagedand empowered workforce, which makes it possible for organisations to reach their goals.With the intent to enhance the strategic business value of organisations, talent managementincludes core HR processes to attract, recruit, onboard, develop, motivate and retainrecognised talents within the organisation.

People Psyence® advocates the use of a holistic and robust talent assessment approach tohelp organisations make better informed decisions when selecting the most suitableindividuals to join their organisation or when identifying high potentials among existingemployees, who are more likely to help drive business performance. For comprehensiveinsights of the individuals, the assessments should comprise of multiple dimensions such ascognitive ability, behaviour, competency, values and emotions/mental toughness.

Comprehensive reports clearly highlight the individuals’ strengths that are advantageous fortheir future roles and development areas that can help them to perform better and add valueto the organisation. Based on these insights, targeted development programmes can bedesigned and tailored for individual development, as well as group development.

Additionally, information from these reports can also help organisations in job-personmatching, by selecting individuals with the highest compatibility scores. Compatibility scoringis a unique value-added service by People Psyence®, done by mapping our recommendedassessments to clients’ competency models and benchmarks, using our very own algorithmand platform.


14 Jun, 2024

People Psyence® Rocks the MECA IR Convention 2024: A Magical Three-Day Extravaganza!

What happens when you blend the excitement of a bustling convention with the warm, welcoming vibes o.

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14 Nov, 2022

MoU between People Psyence®️ with Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation

Fast-growing human capital consultancy, People Psyence®️, signed an MoU with the Sarawak Digital .

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