Edwin Brandonraj: Development Psyentist®

Much like the title Development Psyentist®, Brandon is by definition still in development. He is always ready and eager to learn something new. He believes that there is always something a person can do to learn and improve oneself no matter the circumstances. He is someone who puts his all into learning and focuses on the world of coding, web… Continue reading Edwin Brandonraj: Development Psyentist®

Redzuan Hakim: Hybrid Psyentist®

Redzuan is the Hybrid Psyentist® – a Jack-of-all-trades whose creative background complements his pragmatic approach to everything he does. He enjoys problem-solving and creative thinking – believing that they are the equation that produces workable solutions.

Kent Low: Firewall Psyentist®

True to his title as the Firewall Psyentist®, Kent is the firewall of People Psyence®, protecting the organisation and its data. He ensures that People Psyence® provides safe, reliable, and effective solutions that meet IT security and data protection requirements, utilising various tools to prevent errors and safeguard the organisation and its clients.

Esther Ang: Money Psyentist®

As the Money Psyentist title implies, Esther is People Psyence’s “Finance Minister” and is responsible for all money matters in People Psyence. Utilising her analytical skills, she ensures compliance and financial stability in the organisation.

Justien Lim: Rubik Psyentist®

Much like a Rubik’s cube, Justien believes that the pieces of a solution to puzzling problems are already out there; someone just has to put them together. His optimistic focus on research and collaboration is put to good use in crafting effective solutions to his clients’ complex problems, earning him the Rubik Psyentist® title.

Josephine Chan: Dutiful Psyentist®

Dutiful Psyentist® is an apt title for Josephine as she is someone who is dedicated to her job and is passionate about the use of “people science” in the world of business. With a Masters in Occupational & Business Psychology, Josephine utilises her specialty in talent assessments, including psychometric assessments and assessment centres, in helping organisations to identify and cultivate talents… Continue reading Josephine Chan: Dutiful Psyentist®

Sharon Liew: Avant-Garde Psyentist®

True to her Avant-Garde Psyentist® title, Sharon is the typical enthusiast for experimental pursuits and enjoys checking people out through a medley of assessment tools and by stark observation. Passionately channelling her ideas into bespoke business simulation exercises and other off-the-cuff ventures, she is often the de facto copywriter of the company.

Stephanie Wong: Grafitti Psyentist®

Stephanie is known as the Graffiti Psyentist® due to her love for scribbling and her creative and beautiful artwork. A designer with a strong sense of art and magical hands that beautify everything she touches, she is People Psyence®‘s brand guardian and works hard to ensure that the brand stands out aesthetically from the sea of media.

Nazar Khalid: Crackerjack Psyentist®

Like his Crackerjack title implies, Nazar is good at what he does – exceptionally so. He is also a little bit ‘cracked’ as he loves crazy ideas. He puts his spirit of excellence and innovative mind to good use in solving client’s wicked problems.

Ho Li Quin: Diagnostic Psyentist®

Li Quin is the Diagnostic Psyentist® – an ‘organisational doctor’ who specialises in talent assessments, performing ‘health checks’ for individuals and organisations on their areas of potential and growth. Her passion lies in nurturing talents and optimising organisation’s potential through the application of scientific assessment and development approaches. This passion inspires excellence in the solutions she tailors for each and… Continue reading Ho Li Quin: Diagnostic Psyentist®

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