Supreme Psyentists

Datuk Mohamad Danel: Director

Datuk Mohamad DanelAbong has always been operating behind the scenes in advising and supporting People Psyence® since its conception. In April 2021, he finally emerged into the spotlight as our director. An experienced entrepreneur, he is the Founder, Owner, and Managing Director of Global Upline, FLIR Asia, and Real Icon. His valuable experience and keen business acumen have earned him the Vintage Psyentist® title, which he has accepted in good humour, taking honour in having aged like fine wine. He hopes that his valuable ‘vintage’ experience will help People Psyence® grow.

Datuk Danel is a successful entrepreneur with several business under his belt. Despite his accomplishments, he is a humble and down-to-earth person who is analytical, curious and open-minded. He attributes who he is today to his past experiences. He started dabbling in business from a young age. At 12 years old, he turned his love for philately into an avenue for profit. This enterprising mindset eventually led to him founding Global Upline, FLIR Asia, Real Icon, and several other businesses in various industries.

Under Datuk Danel’s wise leadership, Global Upline, FLIR Asia and Real Icon have flourished and gained recognition for their contributions to society. Global Upline is a rare gem with a reputation for completing engineering projects ahead of time at no cost over-runs and a good safety record of zero fatalities. Through introducing infrared scanning technology in Malaysia, FLIR Asia is responsible for saving countless lives and thousands of ringgit of taxpayer money caused by electrical substation explosions. Real Icon pioneered the commercial use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Malaysia through the Sarawak Smart Green Home project, enabling people to cut down on their utility wastage.

As with most things that Datuk Danel involves himself in, he believes People Psyence® to be a pioneer that will make waves in the human capital industry. He believes that People Psyence® has the potential for exponential growth and nation-wide impact and desires to see People Psyence®’s growth become one of his notable achievements.

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