Supreme Psyentists

Evelyn Chue: Managing Director

Evelyn Chue is an entrepreneur, a Women Icons Malaysia 2019 award recipient, a personality in the first edition of Successful People in Malaysia Britishpedia, an employer, a leader, a friend, and a mother of two. Her passion for helping people and her fascination with understanding what makes people tick led to People Psyence®’s establishment. As the founder and Managing Director of People Psyence®, Evelyn wears the People Psyentist® title with pride, ensuring that the organisation stays true to its purpose of bridging the gap between the various individuals in an organisation.

Evelyn is known to be avant-garde; someone who fearlessly tries unconventional ideas that revolutionise how things are done. She attributes this boldness to her experience as an exchange student in Japan where she learned to be independent, perseverant, and resilient. It is this confidence and innovator’s mindset that led Evelyn to step away from the IT industry into the unfamiliar territory of psychology and psychometrics. She worked with psychometric assessments and human capital consulting in Thomas International, one of the business units of Deloitte Consulting, climbing the corporate ladder and quickly becoming senior manager. However, her thirst for adventure was not quenched. She left with a clear vision – to build a company that not only offered standard tools, but would design customised solutions to organisations’ people needs. Thus, People Psyence® was born.

With Evelyn at the helm, People Psyence® flourished, establishing themselves as psychometric assessment specialists. Ambitiously, Evelyn did not let People Psyence® stop at conquering the psychometric assessments field, but added design thinking and gamification to its service offerings. She also turned her passion for helping people into another independent company, Eunoia Mind Wellness Hub, a mind wellness consultancy service that provides all-inclusive support for individuals and organisations employees.

As evident in the many things she has done and accomplished, Evelyn is a mover and shaker; change and innovation is inevitable with her around. It is with this adventurous spirit and innovative mind that she steers People Psyence® towards her vision of a constantly evolving and future-ready human capital consulting organisation with regional impact.

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